[Air-L] Professor of Game Based Education, University of Tampere

Frans Mäyrä frans.mayra at uta.fi
Mon Jan 29 22:13:35 PST 2018

For your information:

Open for applications, Professor of Game-based Learning:


This is a tenured, full professor position.

"Cultural and social progression is leading towards a learning and gamified
society. New forms of communication and social interaction form the ways in
which people operate and that affect learning needs, requirements and

The field of the professorship studies in particular how learning happens
through games and in the processes of playing games. In addition, pedagogic
models on how to use games to support learning processes are also being
developed. Game based learning can be promoted with different kinds of
tools, such as ready-made games, or by personally creating learning
situations that may include traditional games and play or that otherwise
use gamified operating logic."

Enquiries concerning the post

Dean Risto Honkonen
risto.honkonen(at)uta.fi; tel. +358 50 318 7084

Questions concerning the application procedure:
Head of Administration Taina Sylvander
taina.sylvander(at)uta.fi; tel. +358 50 433 6261

-- Frans Mäyrä @ mobile

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