[Air-L] (Reminder) CFPs: Digitising Early Childhood 2018, abstracts due 16 March

Tama Leaver tamaleaver at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 22:42:36 PST 2018

Contemporary children and their parents are inventing what it is to have a
digital childhood, and in doing so are introducing families, schools and
policy makers to new ways of thinking, doing and being.  This conference
discusses and expands research trajectories through these uncertainties and
also aims to build bridges across the different discipline interests and
many strands of research in this area.  It will forge a new way forward and
consolidate the base of what we already know, revealing what we have yet to
investigate and address, and what important insights are emerging that must
be taken seriously.

Paper abstracts (350 words) and panel proposals (90 minutes) should be sent
to digitisingearlychildhood at ecu.edu.au prior to 16th March 2018.

This conference welcomes papers that address the broadest possible
construction of early childhood and the digital.  There will be publication
opportunities and selected papers will be invites as chapters for an edited
collection; papers from the 2017 Conference resulted in a forthcoming
volume published by Cambridge Scholars.

Topics may include, but are by no means restricted to, the following:
Digitisation of early childhood education
Literacies at home and school
Research methods with very young children
Policies, regulations and guidelines
Children and their data
Children’s online presence(s)
Parenting the digital child
Children’s culture
Cultural difference and digital children
Risks and benefits
Digital health
Changing discourses of childhood
Privacy, security and children’s rights
Designing digital experiences for children
The child in the digital public sphere
Online activism and children
Gendering (or not) the digital child

Conference Location: Perth, Western Australia; 9th-13th July 2018

For full details, please visit: http://www.digitisingearlychildhood.com/

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