[Air-L] CfP HICSS-52 (2019) minitrack: Social Movements, Collective Action and Social Technologies

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CALL FOR PAPERS: 52nd HICSS 2019, Maui, Hawaii
January 8-11, 2019 - Maui, Hawaii

in the Digital and Social Media Track
URL: http://hicss.hawaii.edu/tracks-52/digital-and-social-media/

Submission Deadline: June 15, 2018 | 11:59 pm HST
Notification of Acceptance/Rejection: August 17, 2018

CfP HICSS-52 (2019) minitrack:

This minitrack focuses on three main themes: 1) theorizing about information systems through the study of collective action and social movement phenomena, 2) the application of collective action and social movement theory toward understanding technology phenomena, and 3) methodological advances that can help us better understand research topics at the intersection of social movements, collective action and social technologies. Our hope is to engage scholars and practitioners from diverse fields and generate cross-disciplinary dialogue.

We welcome submissions from authors conducting empirical and conceptual research along with practitioner reports and case studies. Potential topics include:

  *   The role of digitization in shaping the nature of organization and collaboration
  *   Platform design implications for message / frame diffusion
  *   Why and how collective action dilemmas arise or resolve
  *   Innovation through collective action
  *   Cross-level (e.g., individual to societal) impacts of social technologies
  *   Brand hijacking movements targeting corporate competitors
  *   Implications of cyberactivism and hacktivism
  *   Fake news movements and propaganda diffusion
  *   Effectiveness of hashtag activism or clicktivism
  *   Corporate strategy / involvement in social movements to shape public policy
  *   Botivists (web bots programmed for activism), online petitions, and other tools for digital protest
  *   Viral marketing of ideas and social agendas
  *   Social media capabilities and facilitation of echo chambers
  *   Financing of social agendas through crowdfunding or bitcoin exchanges
  *   Any application of social movement or collective action concepts (e.g., frames and tactics, organization, claim making, etc.) toward understanding of social technology phenomenon (e.g., crowdsourcing, large group collaboration, social media use, etc.)

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Amber Young (Primary Contact)
University of Massachusetts Amherst
ayoung at isenberg.umass.edu<mailto:ayoung at isenberg.umass.edu>

Jama Summers
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
jdsummers at utk.edu<mailto:jdsummers at utk.edu>

Constantinos Coursaris
Michigan State University
coursari at msu.edu<mailto:coursari at msu.edu>

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