[Air-L] CFP Place + Research - 10 days left

Jaime García Iglesias garciaiglesiasjaime at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 03:49:21 PDT 2018

Apologies for crossposting.

Only 10 more days to go to submit to our Place I Call Research: Localising
Sociological Inquiry Conference in June 15, 2018, at the University of
Manchester. We welcome submissions for 15 minute papers from doctoral and
masters’ students and early-career researchers across multiple disciplines,
especially sociology, anthropology, economics, politics, geography, public
health, and cultural studies. Some of the conference’s key themes are:

- new and old spaces: queer, postcolonial and online contexts

- addressing changing political and social contexts in our research

- urban/rural dichotomies

- place ownership, no-place, and homelessness

- how social, cultural, and community challenges affect fieldwork

- developing community-specific methodologies and research questions

- how theories and knowledges are context-specific, as well as the
potential for trans-contextual research

Abstract submissions should be between 150 and 300 words and include five
keywords. Creative research methodologies are welcomed. Scholars are
encouraged to reflect on local engagement in their papers. Please submit
using our website placemcr2018.wordpress.com and follow us on twitter
@placemcr2018 Email queries at placemcr2018 at gmail.com

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