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Dear All, apologies for cross-posting.
We are pleased to inform you that Vol. 14, No. 1 & 2 of Webology, an
OPEN ACCESS bi-annual journal, is published and available ONLINE now.

=======  Webology: Volume 14, Number 2, 2017 =======
TOC: http://www.webology.org/2017/v14n2/toc.html
This issue contains:

------------------------- Editorial -------------------------

- Hot Papers in Library and Information Science from the Point of View
of Research Methods
--  Alireza Noruzi
-- Keywords: Hot papers; Library and information science; Research methods
-- URL: http://www.webology.org/2017/v14n2/editorial24.pdf

------------------------- Articles -------------------------

- Systematic Literature Review on Opinion Mining of Big Data for
Government Intelligence
--  Akshi Kumar, & Abhilasha Sharma
-- Keywords:  Opinion mining; Big data; Digital governance; Systematic
literature review
-- URL:  http://www.webology.org/2017/v14n2/a156.pdf

- The Role of Responsive Design in Web Development
-- Fernando Almeida, & José Monteiro
-- Keywords:  Web development; Responsive design; Web designing; User experience
-- URL:  http://www.webology.org/2017/v14n2/a157.pdf

- Highly-alted articles in Library and Information Science
-- Mohammadamin Erfanmanesh
-- Keywords:  Altmetrics; Alternative metrics; Altmetric Explorer;
Altmetric score; Social media; Research impact
-- URL:  http://www.webology.org/2017/v14n2/a158.pdf

- Tell Me Why Bob Dylan and the Beatles Song Titles Are Used in
Biomedical Literature
-- Ger T. Rijkers, Anya Luscombe, & Carla Sloof
-- Keywords:  Bibliometric analysis; Popular culture; Web of Science;
Medline; Citations
-- URL:  http://www.webology.org/2017/v14n2/a159.pdf

- Open Access Health and Medicine Journals - An Informative Study
-- Rabiya Mushtaq, Fayaz Ahmad Loan, & Mufazil Ali
-- Keywords:  Health Science; Medicine; Open access; Open access journals
-- URL:  http://www.webology.org/2017/v14n2/a160.pdf

=======Webology: Volume 14, Number 1, 2017 =======
TOC: http://www.webology.org/2017/v14n1/toc.html
This issue contains:

------------------------- Editorial -------------------------
- YouTube in scientific research: A bibliometric analysis
-- Alireza Noruzi
-- Keywords:  YouTube, Social network, Open access, Citation analysis, Scopus
-- URL:  http://www.webology.org/2017/v14n1/editorial23.pdf

------------------------- Articles -------------------------
 Charting the Landscape of Open Access Journals in Library and
Information Science
-- Emmanuel Edward Te, Frances Owens, Megan Lohnash, Janice
Christen-Whitney, & Kristen Radsliff Rebmann
-- Keywords:  Open access; Scholarly communication; Publishing;
Journals; Library and Information Science
-- URL:  http://www.webology.org/2017/v14n1/a152.pdf

- Scientific Publication Behavior versus Information Seeking Behavior:
An Infodemiological Study on Stomach Cancer
-- Shohreh SeyyedHosseini, Asefeh Asemi, Ahmad Shabani, & Mozafar
-- Keywords:  Infodemiology; Health information supply; Health
information demand; Health information need
-- URL: http://www.webology.org/2017/v14n1/a153.pdf

- Designing a Predictive Analytics Solution for Evaluating the
Scientific Trends in Information Systems Domain
-- Babak Sohrabi, Iman Raeesi Vanani, & Mohsen Baranizade Shineh
-- Keywords:  Text analytics; Text clustering; Document
classification; Natural language processing (NLP), Information systems
-- URL:  http://www.webology.org/2017/v14n1/a154.pdf

- Instruction of Citation Management Tools by Academic Librarians: The
Need for Training the Trainers
-- Maryam Sarrafzadeh, & Narges Khaleghi
-- Keywords: Citation management software; Reference management
software; Bibliographic management software; Citation tools;
Information literacy instruction; Academic libraries
-- URL:  http://www.webology.org/2017/v14n1/a155.pdf

-------------------------  Call for Papers -------------------------
-- http://www.webology.org/callforpapers.html


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Alireza Noruzi, Ph.D.
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