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*The Place I Call Research: Localizing Sociological Inquiry*
*Call for Papers*
*Deadline for submissions: April 16, 2018*
Due to the impact of UCU strikes, we are extending the deadline for three
weeks. Do not miss this opportunity to start building your CV in the most
friendly of environments.
This conference seeks to engage researchers across the social and medical
sciences to discuss the role of place in their work. In particular, we are
interested in exploring the ways in which methodologies are contextualized
to tackle both new spaces and ‘old’ spaces in the flux of change, as well
as the role of place and space within their subject areas. We are also
attentive to the role of space and place within our works: the role of
space in health and sickness.
The conference will take place at the University of Manchester on 15 June
2018. It is an all-day event which will feature both academic papers and
public events including a roundtable about sexual health outreach with
community members, a public screening, and an exhibition. Attendance is
We welcome submissions for 15 minute papers from doctoral and masters’
students and early-career researchers across multiple disciplines,
especially sociology, nursing, public health, and counseling. Some of the
conference’s key themes are:
- addressing changing political and social contexts in our research
- Spaces in in the body and bodies in space
- new and old  spaces: queer, postcolonial and online contexts across
- Place ownership, homelessness and place-lessness and its impacts
- how social, cultural, and community contexts affect our work; outreach
- developing  community-specific methodologies and research questions
- how theories and knowledges are context-specific, as well as the
potential for trans-contextual research
- the existence and functioning of spaces of disease and healing
- spaces of disability
We encourage submissions that address these topics from varied quantitative
and qualitative approaches.
Abstract submissions should be between 150 and 300 words and include five
keywords. Creative research methodologies are welcomed. Scholars are
encouraged to reflect on local engagement in their papers. Deadline for
submission is April 16, 2018. Website (and submission form):
www.placemcr2018.wordpress.com. Inquiries should be directed at
placemcr2018 at manchester.ac.uk

*Jaime Garcia-Iglesias*
The University of Manchester
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¦ UoM

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