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Tremayne, Diana D.Tremayne at leedsbeckett.ac.uk
Tue Mar 27 03:19:04 PDT 2018


I'm just seeking some opinions from people on the list. My research focuses on a Twitter 'chat' for educators. I'm collecting a range of data and exploring how the chat might support professional development. I will be analysing in a range of ways (content analysis, observation, SNA etc) but am interested to know if/how people have explored closer analysis of particular interactions as obviously this has implications in terms of ethics and breaches of Twitter policy. This, from Ahmed et al, (2017) considers the issue:

'Additionally, reproducing tweets but removing user IDs, or altering tweets significantly will contravene
Twitter's User Development Policy which requires tweets to be published in full. However, academic
researchers could argue that the policy is frequently breached and that Twitter has never taken any
action due to the breaches. This is not to say that Twitter may never take action, nor that they will not
take retrospective action, or that doing this is ethical.'

I would be interested to know what people's views/experiences are of this.

Many thanks


Ahmed, W., Bath, P. and Demartini, G. (2017) Chapter 4 Using Twitter as a Data Source:

An Overview of Ethical, Legal, and Methodological Challenges. In: Woodfield, K., (ed.) The
Ethics of Online Research. Advances in Research Ethics and Integrity (2). Emerald , pp.
79-107. ISBN 978-1-78714-486-6

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