[Air-L] Suggestions for literature/researchers working critically with "terrorism informatics"

Matti Pohjonen matti.pohjonen at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 03:56:20 PDT 2018

Dear AoIRers,

I have been an avid follower here for a few years so I thought this would
be a place where I could get some suggestions from.

As a part of the VOX-Pol network, we are organising a workshop looking at
the uses of so-called “terrorism informatics” in detecting violent
extremist content online. We are especially interested in researchers
involved with methods such as data mining, data integration, social network
analysis (SNA), dynamic network analysis (DNA), sentiment analysis, and
image and video processing to do this.

We are, however, having some challenges in finding researchers and/or
literature that have focused* critically* on the aforementioned, whether in
academic research or broader policy-based practice?

Would any of you here have leads on good literature, researchers or
organisations who have specifically focused on the critical analysis of
this topic and especially on these techniques and methods? I am looking for
slightly more specific suggestions than the broader topic of algorithmic
bias/ethics of algorithms, which already has a great pool of literature to
draw from.

All help would be greatly appreciated!


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