[Air-L] Algorithms and Sovereignty

Jaromil jaromil at dyne.org
Wed Mar 28 10:35:30 PDT 2018

dear Aoir readers,

due to the high quality of content on this list, I'm constantly
refraining from posting about more frivolous initiatives.

Then during the writing of my doctoral thesis for the past 2 years
this list was also a useful resource and I've planned to post it here
once done, as a good motivational goal. I'm now happy to do so,
accidentally caught in the storm of yet another public debate about
algorithms concerning the Cambridge Analytica case.

"Algorithmic Sovereignty" is now available as creative commons from
the website of my Alma Mater, Plymouth's Public University


In this dissertation you'll find some analyses that may be applied to
the case of FB/CA, but are also related to realities as that of Tor's
development or SAP's company policies or PokemonGO or last but not
least ARAIs used by law enforcement to preemptively profile criminals,
a debate in the US which always focused on "datasets" but has barely
touched the consideration of algorithms behind.

In case you do, I hope you'll enjoy reading this publication. I'm
grateful for the constant source of information you are providing,
so here my very best wishes.

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