[Air-L] quick YouTube algorithm question

Sophie Helen Bishop sophiehelenbishop at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 03:27:47 PDT 2018

Hello AoIR, sorry this may be a bit of a banal question but any help would
be appreciated.

Does anyone know whether YouTube is algorithmically more likely to promote
monetised videos? Common sense suggests that they want users to engage with
ads while on the platform, so that would at least have some algorithmic
weighting (probably small though).  But also, I guess users are served ads
other places in the interface so maybe they don't care that much? I guess
there is no way of really knowing this unless YouTube have said, and even
then, who knows.

Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts!


Sophie Bishop
PhD Candidate, Arts and Digital Industries, University of East London
www.sophiebishop.co.uk | @sophiehbishop

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