[Air-L] Tool to extract Facebook comment thread

Timothy Graham Timothy.Graham at anu.edu.au
Tue Mar 13 19:00:24 PDT 2018

Dear Dina and everyone,

These issues are almost certainly due to recent changes to the Facebook API (v2.11). In a nutshell it is terrible news for the research community (sorry to bear this bad news!):

User information will not be included in GET responses for any objects owned by (on) a Page unless the request is made with a Page access token. This affects all nodes and edges that return data for objects owned by a Page."

Further info see: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/changelog/version2.11#gapi-90-pages

Unless you are the owner of a public FB page, or can get them to create an API token for you that has admin privilege, then you can only collect posts data (not comments and/or likes, nor user ID information)... So it is probably not useful at all for research purposes :(.

Incidentally, this also breaks the Facebook functionality of our R package SocialMediaLab, which (previously) enabled researchers to easily collect FB page data and construct networks.



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Dear Dina

try  to use Netvizz https://apps.facebook.com/netvizz/ , it is the best  (provided that you want to extract comments form FB pages and/or public groups)

all the best and good luck!

Dr Alessandro Caliandro
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Dear Colleagues,

Can anyone suggests any good online tools that can help extract the
Facebook comments, I tried the Crazy Comment Export Tool but it doesn't

Appreciate your thoughts!

Best wishes,


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