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*Dear Colleagues,Greetings from Boston University's Emerging Media Studies
program.  This is a friendly reminder that we are hosting our fourth annual
#Screentime graduate student conference this summer, and the deadline to
submit abstracts is only one week away (May 24). If you have any graduate
students or know any researchers who would be interested in attending this
engaging academic conference on the lovely BU campus, please forward them
the attached details of our upcoming event.  And please consider joining us
yourself – it is free and open to the public, and we are still seeking
potential chairs and discussants. Contact us with any questions. --- ---
---Call for Abstracts – #ScreentimeBU Graduate Student Conference#NoFilter:
Unmasking digital engagements and real world influenceDeadline to Submit
AbstractsMay 24, 2018 Conference DateJune 21, 2018 11am - 6pmThe graduate
students of Boston University’s Division of Emerging Media Studies are
calling for abstracts for their fourth annual conference on emerging media.
#ScreentimeBU is a graduate conference that provides a platform for
students to showcase their research and to network with peers in emerging
media studies.This year’s #ScreentimeBU aims to remove the misleading cover
of media “hypes” and explore the civic, social, and psychological
implications of today’s media landscape. This conference is an opportunity
to bridge diverse perspectives on the roles of users and technology in new
media and to lay the groundwork for future research in the field.Emerging
media studies is an inherently interdisciplinary field, and as such we
welcome abstracts from a variety of disciplines on a range of topics
centered around our conference theme: Authenticity in digital
communication, online engagement and offline effects. Suggested topics
include, but are not limited to: - Social media movements - Social media
bots- Algorithm bias - Political communication - Media in health
communication and toxic news - Online relationships, communities, and
social networks- Media communication transparency- Big data analysis and
machine learning- Media psychology - Self-presentation on social media and
digital privacy concerns- Video games, virtual reality, and augmented
reality- Media literacy, online actions, and offline consequences-
Human-computer interaction- Computer mediated communication- Wearable
devices and mobile communicationThe conference is free of charge for both
attendees and speakers. For additional information about the conference and
previous years’ conferences, please visit
http://sites.bu.edu/demsconference/ <http://sites.bu.edu/demsconference/>
Deadline for Abstracts: May 24. Please submit abstracts of no more than 300
words to demsconf at bu.edu <demsconf at bu.edu>. Include your name and
institutional affiliation (department/university), program and year of
study, research focus/interests, and contact information (email and phone
number) with all submissions. Abstracts will be peer reviewed, and
applicants will be notified of their acceptance on a rolling basis no later
than May 29.Thanks again – hope to see you there!#ScreentimeBU Abstract
TeamDivision of Emerging Media StudiesCollege of CommunicationBoston
University* ​


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