[Air-L] 2 fully-funded Postdocs for a 3-yr EPSRC-funded project on Algorithmic Discrimination

Mark Cote markcote77 at gmail.com
Mon May 21 12:52:32 PDT 2018

We are recruiting 2 post-doc RAs at King’s College London to work on the 3-year EPSRC-funded project “DADD: Discovering and Attesting Digital Discrimination”. 

Digital discrimination can be the result of algorithmic biases, i.e., the way in which a particular algorithm has been designed creates discriminatory outcomes, but it also occurs using non-biased algorithms when they are fed or trained with biased data. Research has been conducted on quantifying and limiting the extent of bias introduced by an algorithm or dataset. But, how much bias is too much? That is, what is legal, ethical and/or socially-acceptable? And even more importantly, how do we translate those legal, ethical, or social expectations into automated methods that attest digital discrimination in datasets and algorithms? DADD is a novel cross-disciplinary collaboration to address these open research questions following a co-creation process with academic (Computer Science, Digital Humanities, Law and Ethics) and non-academic partners (Google, AI Club), and the general public. DADD will design methods to certify whether or not datasets and algorithms discriminate by automatically verifying computational non-discrimination norms, which will in turn be formalised based on socio-economic, cultural, legal, and ethical dimensions. 


- PDRA1 must have extensive previous experience on Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods (e.g. a PhD on Human-Computer Interaction or social sciences). 
https://www.hirewire.co.uk/HE/1061247/MS_JobDetails.aspx?JobID=79099 <https://www.hirewire.co.uk/HE/1061247/MS_JobDetails.aspx?JobID=79099> (P1)

- PDRA2 must have extensive previous experience on Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, or Formal Verification.
https://www.hirewire.co.uk/HE/1061247/MS_JobDetails.aspx?JobID=79101 <https://www.hirewire.co.uk/HE/1061247/MS_JobDetails.aspx?JobID=79101> (P2)

Deadline for applications is **** June 24th ***** with an ideal start date of mid September / early October (though there is some flexibility)

For an informal conversation about the posts please contact the Principal Investigator Dr Jose M Such at jose.such at kcl.ac.uk <mailto:jose.such at kcl.ac.uk> or Co-Inverstigator Dr. Mark Coté mark.cote at kcl.ac.uk <mailto:mark.cote at kcl.ac.uk>


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