[Air-L] Recommendations on histories of 3 web communities

Simon Murdoch simon at hopenothate.org.uk
Sun Sep 30 06:10:15 PDT 2018

Hi all, Long time subscriber, first-time emailer. I consistently find this list is useful for my work in many unexpected ways, thank you all for this. I am a researcher at HOPE not hate<http://hopenothate.com>, Britain's largest anti-racism and anti-fascism organisation. As part of my work, I am currently researching the histories of three web communities with important ties to the alt-right. If anyone has any recommended reading on any of these three, it would be much appreciated. They are the 'manosphere', the 'reactosphere' or NRx community, and the broader online 'chan culture' associated with 4chan but which has a very broad and preexising scope. Any studies mapping constituent blogs/boards within these communities and their interactions over time would be especially helpful. Thanks again, Simon

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