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Sexuality, Gender, Media. Identity articulations in the contemporary media
Call for Papers: Special Issue of Information Communication and society to
be published in 2020 (online); 2021 (print)
edited by Cosimo Marco Scarcelli, Tonny Krijnen and Paul G. Nixon

>From Trump’s discourses to the everyday life performances in digital
platforms, from representation of LGBTQ+ in TV programs to pornography, the
relation between gender, sexuality and media is ubiquitous and strongly
embedded in everyday life. The definitions of gender and sexuality are in
constant flux with the media playing a key role in shaping, articulating,
representing and performing these definitions.
The current, general openness and debate on gender and sexuality is built
upon the struggles of many groups and individuals to bring these issues
into the mainstream. Issues that have important influences on the ways in
which we live our lives and view those of others.
Because of political and cultural changes, questions connected to sexual
identity and gender are constantly under attack, whilst opposite tendencies
of reconfirming patriarchal scripts and resisting challenging, and
redefining these paradigms are simultaneously present.
Considering gender and sexuality as social and cultural construction, this
special issue of Information Communication and society aims to explore
issues able to focus on the contemporary social changes that are connected
to gender and sexuality in and through media. The articles will be
concerned, on the one hand, with exploring aspects of the changing social
and sexual landscape, on the other hand, on the ways in which media seem to
stubbornly recycle gender and sexual stereotypes. How do these two
tendencies relate to one another? How do contemporary gender ideologies
influence media perspectives and practices? Do mediated representations
reinforce, echo, or challenge social hierarchies based in differences of
gender and sexuality? How do new media technologies feed into discourses on
gender and sexuality?
Potential papers could explore new researches at the forefront of media and
communication practice and theory and the nuances of contemporary sex and
gender scripts as they are played out in popular media looking at both the
more traditional and normative interpretation of gender and sexuality as
well as texts that challenge and therefore move beyond the heteronormative
and sexist.

We are looking for contributions that analyze media both in terms of
representation and agency and that will be able to reflect different
cultural conditions and experiences, contrasting perspectives in terms of
analytical orientation, and geographically dynamic subjects.

Possible topics could include:

* adapting and resisting gendered and sexed identities
* forging new normative gendered identities
* dating and hook up apps
* use of social networking sites, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
* rebranding feminism
* pornography
* datafication of gender and sexuality
* representation of gender and sexuality in popular media
* gender and media production
* gender, sexuality and technologies, technology of pleasure, sex bots.

Please submit your 300 word abstract along with the author’s bio (100
words) and author’s full contact details before 31 May 2019.

Please upload you abstract using this link:

Please direct enquiries to Cosimo Marco Scarcelli, Tonny Krijnen and Paul
G. Nixon

marco.scarcelli at gmail.com
krijnen at eshcc.eur.nl
p.g.nixon at hhs.nl

Publication schedule:
31 May: Deadline abstracts

30 June 2019: Decisions on abstracts

1 February 2020: Deadline full paper submission
1 February - 15 April 2020: Peer reviewing
22 April 2020: Comments to authors
8 May 2020: Deadline submission revisions
21 May 2020: Final decisions
Cosimo Marco Scarcelli

Master Degree's Coordinator
Research Coordinator
Department of Communication
University IUSVE
via dei Salesiani, 15
Venice (Italy)

Adjunct Professor
*Department DBC*
*University of Padova*

Chair of Gender&Communication Section - ECREA (European Communication
Research and Education Association)

e-mail: c.scarcelli at iusve.it; marco.scarcelli at gmail.com,
Skype contact: marscarci


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