[Air-L] NEW BOOK: Rethinking Ethics Through Hypertext

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Wed Dec 11 02:03:33 PST 2019

  Dear Air-L subscribers,

I would like to announce my new book *Rethinking Ethics Through Hypertext *by
Emeralds Publishing - (2020). I hope it will be of interest.


Introduction Setting up the Scene:  On the Way to Hypertext

Chapter 1: The Classical Handling of Ethics: Towards an Emancipative Path

Chapter 2: Techniques for a Possible Handling of Ethics in a Post-truth

Chapter 3: Transformations of Ethics in Hypertextual Surroundings

Chapter 4: Living the Post-truth Culture: Baking the Pre-truth Era through

Conclusion Negating a Conclusion: A Brief Introduction

About the book:

This book considers how social justice and authentic freedom of speech
could be better tackled through hypertextual writing. Unilinear writing
produces an artificial understanding of justice, freedom of speech and
hermeneutics. In contrast, hypertextual writing promises an optimistic
future which involves less judgment, more empathy and the embracing of
difference, so vital in our post-truth culture. The author argues that
hypertextual writing is set to have a marked impact on fields like
jurisprudence, social sciences and education.

Rethinking Ethics Through Hypertext reconciles traditional theories of
ethics by re-framing them through hypertextual techniques, bringing
together contrasting and contradictory ethical views. It presents
compelling insights for scholars of moral philosophy, social justice,
hermeneutics and education.

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Kind regards

Dominic Garcia PhD

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