[Air-L] Gamevironments: Special Issue on "National(ism), Identity and Video Gaming" out now

Lisa Kienzl kienzl at uni-bremen.de
Fri Dec 27 07:43:46 PST 2019

  Dear Colleagues,

  we are really happy to share with you today news of GAMEVIRONMENTS  
newest Special Issue on "National(ism), Identity and Video Gaming"  
edited by Lisa Kienzl and Kathrin Trattner with contributions from:

   *   "Glory to Trumpland! Critically Playing Border Games" by Melissa Kagen
   *   Round Table Discussion on Nation(alism), Identity and Video  
Gaming with Megan Condis, Marijam Didžgalvytė, Georg Hobmeier and  
Souvik Mukherjee
   *   "Playing America. An Introduction to American Culture through  
Video Games" by Michael Fuchs and Stefan Rabitsch
   *   "Research Report on Curse the Fiends, Their Children, Too:  
Cultural Heritage and Subversion of Fictional Tropes in Bloodborne" by  
Sarah Zaidan, Richard Pilbeam and Elin Carstensdottir
   *   Interview with Mira Wardhaningsih from StoryTale Studios on the  
Indonesian Horror Game "Pamali"
   *   Interview with Déyfou-lah Sani Bah-Traore on the Togolese Game  
"Origin – the Rise of Dzitri"
   *   "We. The Revolution, a Review. Vive la Révolution or Death and  
All His Friends" by Kevin Recher
   *   "Kingdom Come: Deliverance. A Bohemian Forest Simulator" by  
Eugen Pfister

  You find all further information  
here: https://www.gamevironments.uni-bremen.de/completed-quests/. 

  Best wishes,

  Lisa Kienzl

  managing editor gamevironments

--  Dr.Dr. Lisa Kienzl, MA wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin |  
postdoctoral researcher  Arbeitsgebiet Literaturen und Medien der  
Religionen | Literature and Media of Religions  Universität Bremen |  
University of Bremen  Institut für Religionswissenschaft und  
Religionspädagogik | Institute of Religious Studies and Religious  
Education   Sportturm (SpT)  Postfach 330 440  D-28359 Bremen  T. +49  
(0)421 218 67912 https://www.gamevironments.uni-bremen.de/

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