[Air-L] Call for Papers -- Distance Education Across Critical Theoretical Landscapes

Patrick Lowenthal patricklowenthal at boisestate.edu
Wed Jul 17 13:57:24 PDT 2019

*CALL for PapersDistance Education Across Critical Theoretical Landscapes*

The  purpose  of this  special  themed  issue  is  to provide  a  venue
 for scholars, researchers, instructional  designers, and classroom
 teachers  to engage  with critical  theories  and diversity in open,
flexible  and technology-mediated distance  learning environments.  To
provide  the  most opportunity for inclusion, we  invite  submissions  that
 consider a  wide  variety of technologies, pedagogies,  modes  and
settings  (e.g., K-12, higher education, and industry/corporate  settings).
We encourage  submissions  that  represent  the  theoretical  landscape,
and which demonstrate  the breadth and depth of theoretical  lenses  that
 have  been historically underrepresented. This includes, but  is  not
 limited to, the  following:  critical  race  theory, critical  pedagogies,
disability studies, feminisms, heutagogy, and LGBTQIA+ studies. Finally, we
 invite  a  variety of research paradigms  as  well  as  theoretical
 pieces, meta-analyses, and strategic  reviews  of the  literature.
* https://t.co/5WZg7UpOUk <https://t.co/5WZg7UpOUk>*

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