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Rosanna Guadagno rosannaeg at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 12:46:16 PDT 2019

Dear Colleagues,

I hope this email finds you well! One of my former students, Dr. R. Andrew
Dunn, is editing a book entitled Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Media
Fandom. Below is a copy of the description and here’s the link for the call
for papers:

*Book’s Description:*

Leisure time today is driven by fandom. Comic book movies dominate the box
office. Sporting events are among the biggest draws on television. Gaming
brings in the most money of any entertainment field. In the past, to be a
fan was to be an outcast, a social pariah, a geek. Now the “fanboy” is the
vanguard and demands study. But fandom is a coat of many colors. Sports
fans, comic collectors, gamers, cosplayers – they are all part of that
patchwork. Some fandoms are long-established and are starting to mutate.
Gamers, for instance, have moved beyond the console and into darker realms
where conspiracy theories, misogyny, and racism meld into a toxic brew.
Some fandoms are being enriched. Consumer brands have always had fans, but
now companies recognize the potential for such loyalists. Fans who not only
buy a product, but who actually incorporate a product or a brand into their
own identity are the most sought-after customers. Marketers are now working
hard to make such meaningful connections. Some fandoms are still
developing. Cosplayers (costume play), for instance, have moved from
subculture oddity to headlining conventions. Research on these fandom
trends is desperately needed. Other fandoms have been completely ignored.
For instance, the secondary sports fan exists, but few studies have
explored this topic. Many people identify a second team to follow or cheer
for if their primary team is not available. Not every team makes it to the
World Cup or the playoffs. But people often identify a favorite in such
competitions beyond their primary teams. What are the motivations for such?
The goal of this edited collection is to offer insight into these
developments – insights that will prove both useful to researchers and will
add to the existing body of knowledge for popular culture.

*Suggested topics:*

• Anime fandom/animation fandom
• Brand fandom
• Cosplay
• Fan art
• Fan conventions
• Fan fiction
• Fantasy fandom
• Gamer culture
• Gamergate
• Influencer fandom
• Literary fandom
• Movie fandom
• Music fandom/K-pop fandom
• Professional wrestling fandom
• Queer fandom
• Science fiction fandom
• Sports fandom
• Toxic fandom
• TV fandom
• Vidding/fan labor

Please feel free to share!


Rosanna E. Guadagno, Ph.D.
Director, Information Warfare Working Group

Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC)

Stanford University


Google Scholar: https://goo.gl/NL9G1J

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