[Air-L] Call for signatures on open letter to Facebook to lift restrictions for research and journalism

Jennifer Stromer-Galley jstromer at syr.edu
Mon Jun 3 06:44:01 PDT 2019

Hi everyone,

As likely most of you know, last year Facebook closed the API that some of us used for research purposes, and instead have funneled academics to the Social Science Research Council initiative for limited access to certain aspects of FB data.

I have been in conversations with the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University. The Knight Institute has urged FB to create a safe harbor for researchers and journalists to conduct unfettered research of public content in the public interest. I have signed on to the public letter. You can read the letter and sign if you wish by following this link: http://tiny.cc/iw7p7y

Happy to answer questions or discuss further if anyone wishes. Email me directly or on list.

~Jenny Stromer-Galley
Syracuse University
jstromer at syr.edu

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