[Air-L] Larp about technology?

Jill Walker Rettberg Jill.Walker.Rettberg at uib.no
Thu Jun 27 05:14:23 PDT 2019

Hello everyone - I just spent the week at a Larp camp (live action roleplaying) with my kids and absolutely loved it. I’m thinking a Larp about a near future drenched in ethical dilemmas about technology use might be brilliant for research dissemination, teaching, and maybe research too. Conveniently enough, it turns out two of the Larp writers  involved with the camp I was at have recently been hired by my university’s freshly renovated  museum  to facilitate dramatic participatory research dissemination, and they’re keen on developing a larp with me.

Do any of you have experience using larping in research dissemination or teaching at university level? Or do you know examples of technology-rich larps? Or have any other suggestions? We’re at a very, very early stage here :)


Professor of Digital Culture
University of Bergen
PI of the ERC project Machine Vision in Everyday Life

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