[Air-L] Internet Utopias

Christian Fuchs christian.fuchs at uti.at
Mon Nov 18 06:54:59 PST 2019

Dear AoIR-list-members,

As part of a AHRC research network, I conduct a survey about 
Internet/media utopias.

In the time of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and fake news, we 
experience a crisis of Internet platforms. Many people think we need 
Internet and media utopias today. But how could they look like?
Internet researchers might have good ideas...  I want to invite you to 


Answering will take about five minutes. A number of participants with 
very visionary ideas will be invited to a workshop in 2020 in London, 
where participants will work on co-writing/co-authoring an 
Internet/Media Utopias Manifesto.

Kind regards, Christian Fuchs

Prof. Christian Fuchs
University of Westminster,
Director of the Communication and Media Research Institute
c.fuchs at westminster.ac.uk

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