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I would direct the student to the books Going Viral, by Karine Nahon and Jeff Hemsley, and The World Made Meme, by Ryan Milner.

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    A student asked me to provide my opinion on the following questions.  Some
    of these questions are easy to answer but others require independent
    research inquiry (and data) to answer it.
    I will appreciate your thoughts and possible responses to these questions,
    if possible. Or perhaps share some articles which may have answered some of
    your questions.
       1. What is the ‘definition’ of a viral trend?
       2. What qualities define a social media (viral) trend?
       3. How are social media trends usually started?
       4. How do social media trends become global trends?
       5. What social media platforms display most of these trends?
       6. How long do social media trends usually last for? Why?
       7. What causes a trend to lose popularity?
       8. What have been some of the most significant viral trends in the past
       9. What were the more popular social media platforms in the beginning of
       the 2010’s?
       10. Are there any viral trends that have caused big changes socially,
       either positively or negatively, in the past decade? If so, what trend was
       it and what was the effect?
       11. What viral trends do you know of from the past decade?
       12. What are the current most popular social media platforms?
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