[Air-L] extended deadlines, "Work, place, mobility and embodiment" hybrid workshop, April 15-16, 2021

Charles M. Ess charles.ess at media.uio.no
Mon Dec 14 02:04:25 PST 2020

Dear AoIR-ists,

As with much else of our lives and work, the ongoing Covid pandemic has 
also played a bit of havoc with our upcoming workshop - hence the 
extended deadlines as noted below.
With the usual regrets for duplications and cross-postings: please 
forward to interested colleagues and relevant listservs:

Extended deadlines – CFP: Work, place, mobility and embodiment: 
«recovery» or repairment in a Covid and eventually post-Covid world?

The next IFIP Working Group 9.8 workshop on Gender, Diversity and ICT 
will take place will take place as a hybrid event in Linköping, Sweden, 
April 15-16, 2021, and online. We focus on experiences and reflections 
from feminist techno-science perspectives on themes of gender, 
diversity, and inclusion vis-a-vis the societal-scale shifts to online 
platforms (Zoom, Microsoft Meetings, etc.) and more digitalized ways of 
living and working in general in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic jolted whole vocations and sectors of 
society into remote/digital modes. While much of our lives in the 
contemporary North, as thoroughly interwoven with digital and network 
technologies, gives the impression of immateriality - the disease 
brought into stark focus how much of everyday life depends on 
materialities and the work of bodies. The embodied labor of not only 
doctors and nurses, but also of drivers, teachers, social workers, 
cleaners, cashiers, researchers and many others remains essential to 
both fighting the pandemic and meeting the basic necessities of 
sustaining life and societies. The pandemic makes visible the 
intersecting positions and hierarchies of embodied work, as well as the 
merits and limits of the digital.

Against this background, our broad question is: how should we 
conceptualize, design for, and speak about «recovery» from the pandemic? 
Who should / will be included in a «recovery» of pre-pandemic practices 
of travel and affiliated conceptions of place and mobility as privileges 
tied to class, gender, ethnicity, etc? How are we to conceptualize and 
thereby shape how we think and feel about possible futures and the role 
of digital technologies therein? What happens, for example, if we shift 
from the language of «recovery» to the language of «repairment» - that 
which is needed is to repair unjust social, cultural, spiritual, 
economic, and political structures and systems, and most especially the 
climate and ecosystems of the planet we live on?
Repairment can further implicate notions of entanglement and 
co-generation. Taking up these and perhaps other theoretical, 
conceptual, and/or linguistic resources - can we discern and better 
design for our interrelationality, most especially as we are 
inextricably interwoven with one another via computational and network 

We invite papers (3000-5000 words) that address the themes and issues 
described above or similar to these. (Papers may be crafted with a view 
towards helping refine these during the workshop for possible submission 
to and presentation in the 2022 IFIP conference in Tokyo). Papers must 
be prepared for blinded submission as all papers will undergo a blind 
review process. Papers should be formatted in a standard style and 
referencing system as defined within a document template that will be 
provided. We will explore possibilities of taking at least some of the 
Workshop submissions into a journal special issue (the details of this 
have yet to be developed.)

January 22, 2021 – expressions of interest
February 15, 2021 - submission of paper
March 15, 2021 - notification of acceptance / rejection

Those interested in submitting a paper to the workshop are requested to 
send a brief description of your proposed topics by January 22, 2021, 
to: Charles Ess - c.m.ess at media.uio.no - with "IFIP WG 9.8 workshop - 
expression of interest" in the subject line.
You are also welcome to contact the organizers with queries regarding 
preliminary ideas concerning paper topics, approaches, etc.
Chair: Sisse Finken, IT-University of Copenhagen: <sisf at itu.dk>
Co-Chair: Johanna Sefyrin, Linköping University: <johanna.sefyrin at liu.se>

Additional information and resources can be found: <http://ifiptc9.org/9-8/>

Papers should be submitted to: Charles Ess - c.m.ess at media.uio.no with 
"IFIP WG 9.8 workshop" in the subject line.

On behalf of the conference organizers, many thanks and all best,
- charles ess

Secretary, IFIP WG 9.8
< http://ifiptc9.org/9-8/>
Professor Emeritus
University of Oslo

Fellow, Siebold-Collegiums Institute for Advanced Studies, 
Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, Germany

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