[Air-L] Hosting DiscoverText in 2020-2021

Stuart Shulman stuart.shulman at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 10:35:41 PDT 2020

DiscoverText is looking for academic host institutions. If your university
has the cloud credits to spare on AWS or Azure, we have the code and
experience to run the system for your institution. These are very difficult
times. This is no time to shut off tools that scholars and students need to
collaborate on research across time and space.

If your university can move quickly to reach an agreement to host it for a
year or two, then you can use it free of any license fee. Please contact me
directly once you find the VP of Technology with control over the
distribution of cloud credits for distance research and education. The
first three institutions to fully sign off to implement the proposal
outlined here in any country (excluding past customers) can have an
Enterprise site license for free for two years.

Academics have used DiscoverText to conduct research in more than 30
languages. We want to preserve the work of 13 years spent engineering a
system for collecting, searching, filtering, clustering, labeling, and
machine-classifying data. If your institution can provide the cloud
resources, we can set it up very quickly. While the tool is primarily used
for research, it also presents unique opportunities for socially-distanced


Dr. Stu ShulmanU.S. Soccer Federation C-Licensed Coach

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