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Patricia Aufderheide paufder at american.edu
Tue Aug 31 14:11:18 PDT 2021

Friends and colleagues! Here at American University, we just created a resource to help<https://edspace.american.edu/deicomm365> the endlessly rotating group of folks who teach our intro course (Digital Media & Culture) with teaching materials from diverse voices and on topics reflecting many issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. My colleague Saif Shahin and I created this, with two awesome graduate students, Mariana Sanchez Santos and Marissa Woods.

We know it’s just a beginning, but we’re sharing the public version of it here<https://edspace.american.edu/deicomm365>, in case the template or model would be useful to you, as you face some of the same problems.

Here's the link!

It’s licensed under Creative Commons—cc by (use freely, with attribution), so if you find anything there that you want to port elsewhere, feel free.

And if you’d like to share feedback and/or ideas for other materials—especially class exercises!!—please write to DEIresourcesAU at gmail.com<mailto:DEIresourcesAU at gmail.com>.

We did this mostly with sweat equity and a small one-time grant, and don’t have money at the moment to keep refreshing it, but we might in the future.

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