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Tue Feb 2 04:07:51 PST 2021

Dear AoiR colleagues

apologies for cross-posting but we can't wait to share the news!

We are delighted to announce the publication of the edited volume 
"COVID-19 from the Margins: Pandemic Invisibilities, Policies and 
Resistance in the Datafied Society”!

This book is a labor of love, featuring 75 authors writing in 5 
languages (besides English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Italian), 
in 282 pages that amplify the silenced voices of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
It is published in the Theory on Demand series of the Amsterdam-based 
Institute of Network Cultures headed by Geert Lovink.

We are particularly proud because the book is open access. The author 
list includes several AoiR members, and our President Lynn Schofield 
Clark wrote a passionate endorsement <3

The .pdf and .epub versions can be downloaded from 

You can use the same link to order a printed copy for free (while 
supplies last, after which the book will be print-on-demand).

The book is a multilingual conversation that celebrates linguistic and 
cultural diversity but also de-centers dominant ways of being and 
knowing while contributing a decolonial approach to the narration of the 
COVID-19 crisis. Moreover, it brings researchers, activists, 
practitioners, and communities on the ground into dialogue to offer 
timely, critical reflections in near-real time and in an accessible 
language. The result is a heterogeneous, polycentric and pluriversal 
narration, which invites the reader to enact and experience the “Big 
data from the South(s)” approach as an interpretive lens to read the 

Authors include: Claudio Agosti, Thomas Aureliani, Anat Ben-David, Anna 
Berti Suman, Luiza Bialasiewicz, Nic Bidwell, Tiziano Bonini, Jelke 
Bosma, Olga Bronnikova, Diego Cerna Aragón, Herkulaas MVE Combrink, 
Donna Cormack, Arianna Cortesi, Angela Daly, Soumyo Das, Françoise 
Daucé, Philip Di Salvo, Alexandra Elliott, Ksenia Ermoshina, Marta 
Espuny Contreras, Maria Faust, Nicolas Foster, Peter Füssy, Larissa 
Galdino de Magalhães Santos, Alex Gekker, Ana Maria R. Gomes, Simone 
Gomes, Ana Guerra, Arne Hintz, Hossein Kermani, Shyam Krishna, Tahu 
Kukutai, Justin Lau, Yoren Lausberg, Joan López, Sol Luca de Tena, 
Claudia Magnani, Vukosi Marivate, José Otávio A. L. Martins, Silvia 
Masiero, Isael Maxakali, Sueli Maxakali, Kinoko Merini, Stefania Milan, 
Eva Mos, Oarabile Mudongo, Francesca Musiani, Elaine Nsoesie, Adriaan 
Odendaal, Irene Ortiz, Bella Ostromooukhova, Erinne Paisley, Annalisa 
Pelizza, Marie-Cathering Petersmann, Julián Cordoba Pivotto, Irene 
Poetranto, Preeti Raghunath, Massimo Ragnedda, Ricardo H. D. Rohm, 
Roberto Romero, Maria Laura Ruiu, Javier Sánchez Monedero, Maria Soledad 
Segura, Paula C.P. Silva, Raquel Tarullo, Niels ten Oever, Emiliano 
Treré, Niels van Doorn, Teresa Villaseñor, Silvio Waisbord, Anna 
Zaytseva, Karla Zavala Barreda, Iran Zhao, Nicolo Zingales

the editorial team

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