[Air-L] New Book WE THE GAMERS on How Games Teach Ethics & Civics

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Mon Jun 7 08:19:00 PDT 2021


I have a new book out this week from Oxford University Press. I am super
thrilled to share it with you and hear what you think about it!

*We the Gamers*: How Games Teach Ethics & Civics

Find out more at:
The *We the Gamers* book website <https://gamesforcivics.com/> (
A mega-tweet <https://twitter.com/drgamermom/status/1400126845971009554>
the book
An interview
<https://www.edutopia.org/article/games-can-have-powerful-impact-learning> with
me about the book on Edutopia
A sneak-preview of page 99
the book

Here is also a way to buy the book on the OUP website
discount: ASFLYQ6)

About the Book

Ethics and civics have always mattered, but perhaps now more than ever
before we realize how *much* they matter.

But how can we teach civics and ethics? How are we already learning this?

My new book, *We the Gamers*, explores *how we connect, communicate,
analyze, and discover* when we play games. Games can be used in ethics,
civics, and social studies education to inspire learning, critical
thinking, and civic change.

*We the Gamers* shares *a range of examples* including board and card
games, online games, virtual reality and augmented reality games, and
digital games like *Minecraft*,* Executive Command*, *Keep Talking and
Nobody Explodes*, *Fortnite*, *When Rivers Were Trails*, *PolitiCraft*,
*Quandary*, and *Animal Crossing: New Horizons*.

*We the Gamers* also explores the obstacles to learning with games and *how
to overcome those obstacles* by encouraging equity and inclusion, care and
compassion, and fairness and justice.

Featuring helpful tips and case studies, *We the Gamers* shows educators
the strengths and limitations of using games in civics education.

*Let’s imagine how we might repair and remake our world through gaming,

Take care, Kat
Dr. Karen (Kat) Schrier

Associate Professor & Director, Games & Emerging Media program, Marist
Author, *We the Gamers* <https://gamesforcivics.com/> (Oxford University
Author, *Knowledge Games
<https://jhupbooks.press.jhu.edu/content/knowledge-games>* (Johns Hopkins
University Press)
Editor, *Learning, Education, & Games <https://gamesforgrowing.com/>
book *series
(ETC Press/Carnegie Mellon)
Author, Designing Ourselves <https://www.adl.org/media/13011/download> (Center
for Technology & Society)

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