[Air-L] CfP: #NTF20 Workshop - Terrorism/Extremism in a digital context

Prof. Dr. Stephan G. Humer stephan at internetsoziologie.at
Thu Jun 10 04:43:44 PDT 2021

CfP: 20th Workshop of the Terrorism Research Network Germany
(Netzwerk Terrorismusforschung e. V.)


in cooperation with the Research Cluster of Excellence on Islamist
Terrorism - Joint Project MOTRA (www.motra.info)

Dates: September 1st and 2nd, 2021
Submission deadline: June 25, 2021
Location: Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden, Germany
(It will be possible to visit us on site/participate via Zoom)

Main topics: Terrorism, extremism, novel (e.g. pandemic-related)
radicalization phenomena and processes in a digital context

MOTRA and the NTF

The joint project "Monitoring System and Transfer Platform
‘Radicalization’" (MOTRA) is a research project funded by the German
Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Federal
Ministry of the Interior (BMI) in the context of civil security
research. The project arose within the framework of the establishment of
a research cluster of excellence for the early detection, prevention and
combating of Islamist extremism and terrorism. The goal of MOTRA is the
systematic monitoring of radicalization processes in Germany, with a
special focus on the development of Islamist extremism up to terrorist
acts by means of multi-methodological, longitudinal phenomenon/trend
analyses, and in-depth case analyses.

The Netzwerk Terrorismusforschung e. V. (NTF) is an associated/transfer
partner of the MOTRA project and (in this function) is responsible for
the promotion of young researchers in the thematic areas of
terrorism/extremism research. We are pleased to be the first German
security research network in the context of a research cluster of
excellence and invite you as young researchers to present and discuss
your research ideas, theses, dissertations and post-doctoral projects at
this year's NTF Workshop during the MOTRA Annual Conference in Wiesbaden
in September.

The "small stage" of the NTF workshop offers you - in close proximity to
and due to the structural and content-related dovetailing with the "big"
MOTRA stage - the opportunity to get into contact and exchange with
scientists from the field of general security research as well as
(de)radicalization work, terrorism and extremism research, to deepen
specific topics in person or in digitally provided break-out rooms, to
expand your network as well as to approach potential supervisors for
research projects. As far as the pandemic allows, social gatherings are
also possible during the workshop. Of course, the legal regulations in
force at the time of the conference/workshop must always be observed!

We are especially looking forward to contributions from the following
areas (although of course, other proposals not mentioned here may also
be submitted):


- Current developments, e.g., on the extreme right in connection with
the Covid-19 pandemic
- Radicalization of "Querdenker" as a new category
- Influence of conspiracy theories on protest dynamics
- Interactions between right-wing extremism and religious fundamentalism
- Online and offline processes of radicalization
- International terrorism and national dynamics
- Militarization of left-wing extremism in Germany and worldwide


- International developments and comparisons
- Local and country comparisons
- Network analyses
- Reflections on methods
- Practice reflections and evaluations of prevention and countermeasures

We are very pleased to receive contributions concerning doctoral and
other research projects, as well as project ideas that are in the
process of being developed. Presentations should last about 20 to
30 minutes and should be followed by an opportunity for discussion.

Travel and accommodation costs can be covered for up to ten presenters
from the circle of the NTF and beyond, if applicable. Two outstanding
contributions, selected by the board of the NTF, can be presented
directly at the MOTRA conference on the "big stage."

If interested, please send an abstract of up to 1,000 characters and a
short biography to: vorstand at netzwerk-terrorismusforschung.org.

Deadline for submission is June 25, 2021. You will receive feedback by
July 12, 2021. Presentation languages are German or English.


Stephan G. Humer: stephan.humer at hs-fresenius.de
Isabelle Holz: isabelle.holz at hs-fresenius.de

Prof. Dr. Stephan G. Humer
Internet Sociologist

Director, Internet Sociology Department, Hochschule Fresenius Berlin
Chief Research Officer, Hochschule Fresenius Berlin
Chairman of the Board and Director, Advanced Research Projects, NTF e.V.
Member, Research Cluster of Excellence on Terrorism/Extremism (MOTRA)

Tel. (DE/EU): +49 (0)157/58064165
Phone (US): (213) 267-0214
Website: www.humer.de
Twitter: @netsociology

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