[Air-L] ISOC Foundation announces second round of reasearch grant awardees

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Sun Jun 27 22:16:10 PDT 2021

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*We are thrilled to award a second round of grant funding through our
grant programme*
<https://www.isocfoundation.org/grant-programme/research-grant-programme/>* to
three exciting projects that examine the future and sustainability of the
Internet.* Launched in 2020, this programme supports a diverse group of
researchers around the world who are generating solutions today to meet the
Internet challenges of tomorrow.

The selected projects examine important issues around the Internet’s
relationship to society, such as: the impact of climate change on Internet
infrastructure, the role of blockchain economics in the Internet economy,
how best to advance climate justice, and more.

Recommended for funding by an Independent Programme Review Committee, the
awardees come from the Netherlands, South Africa, and the U.S. These grants
are intended for applied research that will be published and made available
to the scientific community at no cost.

Through these grants, we look forward to enabling new research on the
future of the Internet, research that will influence policy and industry
decisions and ultimately help shape a more equitable and sustainable future
for the Internet and the people it serves.

Learn more about each awardee in the list below.

1.* University of Oregon Foundation – USA – $199,861*

Theme: Greening the Internet

Project Title: How to Address Climate Change Risks by Enhancing Internet
Infrastructure Resilience

Research Question: What is the overall resilience of Internet
infrastructures to climate change-induced multi-hazard risks?

2. *The Green Web Foundation – Netherlands – $200,000*

Theme: Greening the Internet

Project Title: A Sustainable and Just Internet for All

Research Question*: *How do we advance climate justice in the practice of
Internet professionals in a plausible, desirable, accessible, and coherent

3.* David Johnson and Senka Hadzic – South Africa – $98,470*

Theme: The Internet Economy

Project Title: Incentivized network and localized services growth with
blockchain economics

Research Question: Can decentralized blockchain-based economic systems
incentivize vulnerable communities to create and grow their own networking
infrastructure, services, and content? (*In collaboration with Grassroots
*The **Research programme*
<https://www.isocfoundation.org/grant-programme/research-grant-programme/>* is
open to independent researchers and research institutions worldwide and is
currently accepting statements of interest, to be reviewed on a rolling
basis. Research themes include: Greening the Internet, The Internet
Economy, Decolonizing the Internet, and A Trustworthy Internet. Grants of
up to US$200,000 will be awarded for research lasting up to 2 years.*

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