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The 2020 GigaNet Symposium and the publication of 'Researching Internet
Governance’ inspired  a workshop on Internet governance research methods
for researching Internet standard-setting organizations. We would like to
invite you to participate in this survey to aid in the planning and
organization of this workshop. The date of the workshop and other
logistical issues will be announced in due course.

*Workshop Description*

Internet governance is a complex arrangement of institutions, technical
infrastructures and power (DeNardis, 2014). Standard-setting bodies play a
crucial role in co-producing  the Internet as a network of interoperable
networks. As such, Internet governance scholars are exploring
standardisation, using a variety of novel and established methods that
range from quantitative discourse analysis to ethnography.

This workshop aims to showcase the broad range of research methods used by
Internet governance scholars from all disciplines to study these
standard-setting bodies, such as the IETF, IEEE, W3C, WHATWG, 3GPP, ITU-T,
ITU-R. It is also open to the study of "de-facto standardisation" that
takes place outside of formal organisations and processes (Musiani and
Ermoshina, 2017).


This workshop aims to provide an opportunity for scholars and researchers

   - Explore and perhaps discover qualitative and quantitative methods
   applicable to standard setting for information networks
   - Discuss the feasibility of applying specific methods,
   - Improve the understanding of specific methods
   - Identify new and existing data sources,
   - Share open research questions and work-in-progress on methods,
   - Receive feedback to improve the methods.

*Organising Committee*

   - Farzaneh Badii - Yale Law School
   - Corinne Cath - Oxford Internet Institute
   - Ricardo Nanni - Università di Bologna
   - Niels ten Oever - University of Amsterdam
   - Julien Rossi - Université catholique de l'Ouest & PREFICS - Rennes 2

*E-mail contact* : intgovworkshop at protonmail.com

This workshop is supported by the Global Internet Governance Academic
Network <https://www.giga-net.org/> (Giga-Net).

There are 11 questions in this survey.

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