[Air-L] Send op-eds to DigiLabour

Rafael Grohmann rafael-ng at uol.com.br
Fri May 7 14:51:50 PDT 2021

   DigiLabour, a research lab based in Brazil, is also publising op-eds on
   platform labor and other issues related to technology and work:
   Our website presents interviews and newsletter too.
   Please send your op-ed proposal in any format to
   hello at digilabour.com.br
   We are open to your proposals! All op-eds are published in English and,
   as soon as possible, we will translate into Portuguese.
   Rafael Grohmann
   Assistant Professor in Communication, Universidade do Vale do Rio dos
   Sinos (Unisinos), Brazil
   Coordinator,[1] DigiLabour Research Lab
   Principal Investigator fo[2]r Fairwork Project in Brazil
   Researcher of [3]Histories of AI project, University of Cambridge,
   International Research and Collaboration Award
   Member, [4]Scholarly Council, Center for Critical Internet Inquiry
   (C2i2), UCLA
   Founding Board Member of the Labor Tech Research Network


   1. https://digilabour.com.br/
   2. https://fair.work/
   3. https://www.hps.cam.ac.uk/research/projects/histories-of-ai#:~:text=The%20University%20of%20Cambridge%20is,and%20the%20Faculty%20of%20English.
   4. https://www.c2i2.ucla.edu/scholarly-council/

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