[Air-L] PhD Symposium The Future of the Platform Economy and Platform Work

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Mon May 10 10:05:53 PDT 2021

   PhD Symposium

   The Future of the Platform Economy and Platform Work

   27-28 October, 2021


   [1]Dimmons, IN3, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

   [2]DigiLabour Research Lab, Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos
   (Unisinos University)


   July 30: Deadline for submission of 300-word abstracts

   August 31: Selection Notifications

   Call for Abstracts

   We invite contributions to the "The Future of the Platform Economy and
   Platform Work" PhD Symposium. PhD students are encouraged to submit
   their ongoing research related to the broad topic of platform work.

   We especially welcome submissions related to studies that improve our
   understanding of the platform economy business models in promoting
   certain working conditions. Some topics may include:^:

   - Future of Work and Workers

   - Gender, Race and Platform Economy;

   - Worker-owned platforms and platform cooperativism;

   - Data Commons and Platforms;

   - Platform Governance Beyond Big Tech;

   - Platform Work, Decent Work, and Sustainability;

   - Design Justice and Platform Work;

   - Public Policies and Platform Work;

   - Action-Research on Platform Work;

   - Consumption of Platforms;

   - Workers' Organization: tech and platforms sectors;

   - Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Platform Economy;

   - The Future of Micro-Work Platforms;

   - Academic Work and Platformization;

   The doctoral symposium is designed to provide a platform for students
   and researchers at different stages wishing to present and receive
   guidance on various aspects of their research and career perspectives
   from established researchers and other PhD students.

   The symposium aims to enable PhD students to interact with each other
   and potential collaborators by stimulating the exchange of ideas and
   experiences. On the one hand, students at different stages of their
   research will have the opportunity to present and discuss their
   research questions, goals, methods and results. On the other hand, the
   PhD Symposium will offer training sessions on topics and skills that
   may be useful to future researchers. To achieve these, postgraduate
   students and postdoctoral researchers will share their experience and
   lecturers will deliver training on research skills and future career

   Each strand of the Symposium will be coordinated by two experts who
   will chair the discussions and respond to the presentations.
   Participants' presentations should deal with the issues addressed or
   hypotheses tested in their doctoral research, the results so far
   obtained, and above all the methodology applied. Each presentation will
   last no longer than 5/10 minutes, followed by 5 minutes' discussion.
   Each session will be followed by an open discussion between the
   participants. Participants are expected to be available throughout the
   two days of the Symposium, to attend all the presentations and to take
   an active part in the discussions.

   In parallel to the Symposium, a conference track conformed by keynotes
   and roundtables with renowned experts on the field of platform work
   will be held.


   The Doctoral Symposium welcomes applications from PhD students as well
   as early stages PostDoc researchers. PhD students in their first year
   of studies are welcome to participate as attendees and as far as they
   have a well-defined problem statement and some ideas about the solution
   that they would like to discuss.

   The Symposium is opened for participation of students and researchers
   meeting the requirements, worldwide. The working language of the event
   is English.

   Submission Guidelines

   The application should take the form of a summary of the project of no
   more than 300 words, indicating:
     * The main topic and issues, including the thesis proposed/hypothesis
     * The methodology (theoretical tools and standpoints);
     * Where relevant, the corpus or primary literature under
     * The results obtained so far.

   Please submit proposals at: [3]https://forms.gle/LX1R9JQVVg954Vvy6

   Applications should be sent by 30 July 2021.

   The eligibility check and the selection of submissions will be
   completed and announced by 31 August 2021.

   Review Process

   All submissions will be reviewed by the PhD Symposium organizers and
   ad-hoc reviewers who are experienced researchers, and can provide
   feedback and suggest future research directions. The goal of the review
   is to identify participants who are most likely to benefit from the
   Symposium and invite as many as possible to participate.


   It will be fully held online and will take place, according to
   provisional programming, on 28th and 29th of October 2021.

   Organizers and contact

   The PhD symposium and global conference is co-organized by DigiLabour
   Research Lab  from the Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos (UNISINOS
   University) and Dimmons Research Group from the Open University of
   Catalonia (UOC)

   If you have any doubts or queries, please send an email
   to [4]hello at digilabour.com.br


   1. https://dimmons.net/
   2. https://digilabour.com.br/
   3. https://forms.gle/LX1R9JQVVg954Vvy6
   4. mailto:hello at digilabour.com.br
   5. https://digilabour.com.br/2021/05/10/call-for-abstracts-the-future-of-the-platform-economy-and-platform-work-phd-symposium/
   6. https://dimmons.net/call-for-abstracts-the-future-of-the-platform-economy-and-platform-work-phd-symposium/

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