[Air-L] Special issue published: Psychoanalysis, Sexualities and Networked Media

Jacob Johanssen johanssenjacob at gmail.com
Sat May 29 07:30:35 PDT 2021

I am pleased to announce the publication of a special issue of *Psychoanalysis,
Culture & Society*

*Psychoanalysis, Sexualities and Networked Media*

Editor: Jacob Johanssen (St. Mary’s University)

Sexualities, digital technologies, and bodies have merged in contradictory,
pleasurable, and destructive manners. As the articles in this special issue
show, this symbiotic merger has strong implications for subjectivity itself
and how unconscious and affective relations between humans and non-human
entities (for instance, platforms, apps, sextoys, robots, and VR porn) are
changing within capitalism. Psychoanalytic enquiries into digital
sexualities constitute an exciting new area in its own right.


*Launch event:* Please join us for a launch event on *04 June: 2pm (BST)*.
To register, please email jacob.johanssen @ stmarys.ac.uk

*Table of Contents*

Introduction: Psychoanalysis, sexualities and networked media

Jacob Johanssen (St. Mary’s University)


What lurks beneath: The erotic charge of the Laplanchean unconscious and
the digital object

Sharon Tugwell (Birkbeck College)


What does the app want? A psychoanalytic interpretation of dating apps’
libidinal economy

Carolina Bandinelli (University of Warwick) and Arturo Bandinelli (Birbeck


Creampied to Death: Ejaculative kinship in the age of normative data flows

Diego Semerene (Oxford Brookes University)


The passivity of seeing: A Lacanian perspective on pornographic
spectatorship in virtual reality

Chenyang Wang (East China Normal University)


Castration, the archive, and the incel wiki

Julia DeCook (Loyola University)


Anal sexuality and male subcultures online – The politics of
self-deprecation in the deep vernacular web

Steffen Krüger (University of Oslo)


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