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*Publisher: Edward Elgar*

Artificial intelligence (AI) has garnered growing scholarly attention in
the communication field and beyond as AI becomes omnipresent in everyday
lives from search engine through voice recognition technology to mobile
news apps. Although research on the intersection between AI and
communication is plethora, this emerging field remains unexplored in terms
of conceptual, theoretical, methodological approaches as well as ethical,
legal, practical, and policy issues. This research handbook epitomizes a
rich body of studies concerning “communicating of, by, and with AI” from
interdisciplinary perspectives and international scopes. Specifically, the
research handbook deals with a wide range of the following topics and
issues but are not limited to:

- Meta-analysis or systematic review of studies regarding the intersection
between AI and communication

-Conceptual and theoretical essays concerning the interrelationship between
AI and communication

-Methodological approaches to analyzing artificial intelligence and

-News media coverage of artificial intelligence (single, multiple, and
cross-country comparison)

-Online discourse concerning artificial intelligence across the digital
communication platforms

-Public opinion, attitude, perception, and behavior

-Public adoption and use

-Public trust and credibility

-Public knowledge and literacy

-Public discussion and news use

-Diffusion of AI

-AI-Mediated Communication

-Human-AI Interaction, Human-Robot Interaction

-Human-Virtual and Augmented Reality

-AI in Education

*-*Ethical (e.g., algorithmic bias), legal (e.g., privacy), and policy

-Practical Issues (e.g., AI design)

Before submitting a manuscript, potential contributors should send the
editor a title, 150 words abstract, 6 key words, and 80 words author bio
with a short CV or Google scholar profile.

-Abstract submission due by October 31, 2021
-Decision for full manuscripts due by November 31, 2021
-Final submission (APA 7th edition) with 6,500 words in WORD due by June
31, 2022

-Final manuscripts due by November 31, 2022

-Anticipated publication 2023

Editor: Seungahn Nah (University of Oregon), snah at uoregon.edu

All the best,

<seungahn.nah at uky.edu>

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