[Air-L] Twitter Space 10 AM EST Friday September 24 - "Bots deletions trolls suspensions etc"

Stuart Shulman stuart.shulman at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 15:30:17 PDT 2021

Are you interested in "Bots deletions trolls suspensions etc"? If so, use
the Twitter app to join Marcelo Santos (https://twitter.com/celoo) and
Stuart Shulman (https://twitter.com/stuartwshulman) who will co-host a
small group of interesting guest speakers as we launch a new Twitter Space
on this topic. If you study Twitter data, you will definitely want to
listen in at 10 AM EST Friday September 24.


Some cool things about Twitter Spaces. It's like a radio show you can have
on in the background. No typing is required, so you can just listen while
doing other things. There are chances to ask questions and dialogue. You
can connect to other listeners and speakers via Twitter during the
show. There are moments of serious chemistry and learning.

With the exception of Spaces devoted to cryptocurrency, I have found the
random connections and conversations in the Spaces I have dabbled in to be
really interesting. Please join us if you have an interest and email me
directly if you want to be a guest in a future iteration of this Space
devoted to Twitter research.


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