[Air-L] inaugural issue of AoIR-JICES collaboration now out

Charles M. Ess c.m.ess at media.uio.no
Mon Sep 27 22:19:25 PDT 2021

Dear AoIRists, cc. Simon Rogerson and contributors

On behalf of the contributors, I'm very pleased indeed to call your 
attention to the recent publication of a special issue of the Journal of 
Information, Communication and Ethics in Society (JICES):


This is the inaugural (and Open Access) issue of a new collaboration 
between AoIR and JICES, modeled after the now long-standing 
collaboration between AoIR and the Information, Communication and 
Society journal. It is made up of six contributions - five of which were 
first gathered in ethics panels presented at AoIR 2020:

Bastiaan Vanacker, “Virtue Ethics, Situationism and Casuistry: Toward a 
Digital Ethics Beyond Exemplars”

Morten Bay, “Four Challenges to Confucian Virtue Ethics in Technology.”

Chi Kwok and Ngai Keung Chan, “Toward a Political Theory of Data
Justice: A Public Good Perspective”

Katja Kaufmann, Tabea Bork-Hüffer, Niklas Gudowsky-Blatakes, Marjo
Rauhala and Martin Rutzinger, “Ethical Challenges of Researching 
Emergent Socio-Material-Technological Phenomena: Insights from an 
Interdisciplinary Mixed Methods Project Using Mobile Eye-Tracking”

Ylva Hård af Segerstad, “On the Complexities of Studying Sensitive 
Communities Online as a Researcher-Participant,”

(The sixth, Nesibe Kantar and Terrell Ward Bynum, “Global ethics for the 
digital age – flourishing ethics” begins with the long history of how 
especially virtue ethics (VE) has come to take a central place in the
ethics of information and communication technologies. It begins the 
collection as it sets the stage for Vanacker's and Bay's important 
critiques of VE.)

This new collaboration and its first results thus expand the 
characteristic foci on ethics in AoIR across and with new communities of 
scholars and researchers: in particular, JICES is well known for its 
foundational engagements with computer scientists and their colleagues 
in related technical fields along with philosophers and others who take 
up the multiple ethical, social, and political dimensions of ICTs. At 
the same time, the JICES focus on communication is a natural bridge with 
AoIR - and as the contributions from Ylva Hård af Segerstad and Katja 
Kaufmann et al instantiate, our signature focus on internet research ethics.

Even better: plans are in the works for the next round and special issue.

Last but not least: many thanks indeed to Simon Rogerson, founding 
editor of JICES, for his first suggesting this collaboration and for his 
inspiration and hard work in pursuing it through this publication.

Happy reading and all best,
- charles

Professor Emeritus
University of Oslo

Secretary, IFIP Working Group 9.8, Gender, Diversity, and ICT

Fellow, Siebold-Collegiums Institute for Advanced Studies, 
Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, Germany
3rd edition of Digital Media Ethics now out:

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