[Air-L] CALL FOR PAPERS: extended deadline: Drones in Society: New Visual Aesthetics

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CALL FOR PAPERS [deadline extended]

Drones in Society: New Visual Aesthetics

8th and 9th September 2022, Halifax Hall, Sheffield, UK

You can join this conference in person or online

Drones are an increasingly important social phenomenon. Their use has the
potential to change the way people see the world in the same way other
technologies have, like smartphones and the internet. Generating questions
that go beyond safety and security issues, their widespread use opens a
debate to rethinking the relationship between media and mobility
(Hildebrand, 2021), material practice (Howley, 2017), and vertical power
(Kaplan, 2018) (just to mention a few). Drones are now the latest
technological advancement to have a significant impact in the world we live
in offering opportunities for new forms of visual communication, culture
and practices.

Confirmed keynote speaker: *Julia M. Hildebrand*, Assistant Professor of
Communication at Eckerd College, author of *Aerial Play: Drone Medium,
Mobility, Communication, and Culture - Geographies of Media. *

We invite the submission of proposals for the interdisciplinary conference
‘Drones in Society: New Visual Aesthetics’, which will be held on 8th and 9
th September at Halifax Hall  in Sheffield, UK.  This 2-day conference will
be hosted by the Department of Sociological Studies at the University of
Sheffield. The updated deadline for submission is *9th of May 2022*.

The conference is concerned with the role of drones in society and the way
they are contributing to new visual aesthetics. The theme invites
interdisciplinary research, reflection and critique on topics including
(but not limited to) the following:

- People’s perspectives on drones (and their data): surveillance, ethics
and privacy issues in domestic and commercial uses
- New visual perspectives: the creation of new visual content (drone art
and amateur uses)
- Drone regulations: potential gaps in regulating domestic and commercial
drones, future perspectives
- Current uses and future applications: the implementation of drones in
society in their various uses
- Drones and vertical power: the uses of drones in war zones, activism and
humanitarian activities.

Proposed formats:
- Individually submitted papers (organised into panels by the DiS committee)
- Panels (3-4 individual papers)
- Roundtable discussions (led by one of the presenters)
- Visual posters

Abstracts between 300-500 words in Word format must be submitted to
e.serafinelli at sheffield.ac.uk. You will be notified of the decision by 13th
of June 2022.

Conference proceedings and selected papers will be published in a section
of the forthcoming book Vision and Verticality (Palgrave), edited by Gary
Bratchford  and Dennis Zuev. Conference attendees will also have the
opportunity to visit a drone visuals exhibition held on the evening of 8th
September and participate in a workshop with two drone artists on 9th
September.Conference organised by Elisa Serafinelli and Lauren Alex
O’Hagan, Department of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield. For
more information, contact e.serafinelli at sheffield.ac.uk or visit

Register here:

List of References

Hildebrand J. (2021): Aerial Play: Drone Medium, Mobility, Communication,
and Culture. Singapore: Palgrave McMillan

Howley K. (2017): Drones: Media Discourse and the Public Imagination. New
York: Peter Lang.

Kaplan C. (2018): Aerial Aftermaths: Wartime From Above. Durham: Duke
University Press.


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