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Fri Jan 28 04:47:44 PST 2022

 Event Horizon: Sexuality, Politics, Online Culture, and the Limits of
Bonni Rambatan and Jacob Johanssen (Zer0 Books)

In an age where Silicon Valley continues to dictate what it means to
innovate a painless future, knowledge and enjoyment are fertile breeding
grounds of political contestation. But it’s not exactly democracy. Instead,
we are controlled through tools and platforms that turn us into data for
the profit of billionaires. Control has become so playful that we carry it
in our pockets, as we continue to crave for likes and followers through
expressing shared hatred towards the other in our cute little online
circles. Because on the internet today, everything is cute: from selfie
filters to gamified metrics on social media, from Tinder matches to racist
memes on 4chan. Amidst all this cuteness, hate crimes continue to take more
and more lives each day.

Through a psychoanalytic interrogation of the intersections of online
culture, sexuality, and politics, Bonni Rambatan and Jacob Johanssen
explore such horizons at the limits of capitalism. Combining a
predominantly Lacanian approach with the thoughts of critical theorists
such as Hiroki Azuma, Byung-Chul Han and Mari Matsuda, as well as the work
of thinkers and poets Audre Lorde and Richard Siken, Event Horizon examines
how capitalist ideology functions in our current moment—and, more
importantly, how it breaks down.

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There is still time to register for the online book launch today:
2pm GMT - 8am CT - 9pm WIT - 10pm SST

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