[Air-L] WEBCAST 8. JUNI Public DNS resolvers @ISOCNorway

Joly MacFie joly at punkcast.com
Wed Jun 8 09:35:42 PDT 2022

Spurred by the consolidation of DNS resolution in thands of a few external
Internet giants,  the EU intends to build its own DNS server named #DNS4EU
including filtering capabilities that can block domain names and other
types of prohibited content. Our Norway Chapter will consider the merits.

This event will be in Norwegian. Hopefully closed captions in other
languages may be added to the archive.

[image: isoc live] <https://isoc.live/15493>Onsdag *8. juni 2022* kl.
CEST* (16.30-18.30 UTC) vil *Internet Society Norway Chapter
<https://www.isoc.no/>* (ISOC Norge) være vertskap for en diskusjon ‘*Public
DNS resolvers
Vil internettbrukere benytte seg av slike tjenester? Vil public DNS
resolvers hindre spredning av DNS abuse, fake news, skadelig innhold etc?
Møtet holdes på norsk.

*Hans Petter Holen*, RIPE NCC
*Frode Sørensen*, NKOM
*Bjørn Mork*, Telenor

*Steinar Grøtterød*, ISOC Norge

*LIVESTREAM http://livestream.com/internetsociety/dns4eu

*PARTICIPATE VIA ZOOM https://bit.ly/3NqFBQJ <https://bit.ly/3NqFBQJ>*

*TWITTER #DNS4EU <https://bit.ly/3mtkyl7> @ISOCNorway @tawaterhouse
@hpholen @ripencc @ipfrode @nkom_ Bjørn Mork @TelenorGroup*

*https://www.twitter.com/ISOC_Live/ <https://www.twitter.com/ISOC_Live/>*
*https://www.twitch.tv/isoclive <https://www.twitch.tv/isoclive>*
*https://www.facebook.com/liveisoc/* <https://www.facebook.com/liveisoc/>
(AI Captions)
<https://www.facebook.com/InternetSocietyNorwayChapter>* (AI Captions)

*https://archive.org/details/dns4eu <https://archive.org/details/dns4eu>*
*PERMALINK    https://isoc.live/15493 <https://isoc.live/15493>*


Joly MacFie  +12185659365

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