[Air-L] New Themed Issue of Media, Culture & Society: "Reclaiming the Human in Machine Cultures"

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Hello all,

Simone Natale and I have just published a themed issue in Media, Culture & Society that addresses key questions in Human-Machine Communication (announcement below). We hope you enjoy the special issue, and feel free to share it across social media and within your professional circles. Thanks - Andrea Guzman

Media, Culture & Society themed issue: "Reclaiming the Human in Machine Cultures"

A new themed issue of Media, Culture & Society, entitled "Reclaiming the Human in Machine Cultures" and edited by Andrea L Guzman and Simone Natale, has now been published.

The goal of this themed issue is to draw from the tradition of cultural studies and cultural theory to move toward a conceptualization of culture in which machines are intertwined within human systems of meaning-making. Problematizing notions such as “algorithmic culture” and “machine culture,” contributors provide theoretical reflections and empirical evidence that help reaffirm the centrality of the human in this context.

Table of contents

Reclaiming the human in machine cultures: Introduction
Simone Natale & Andrea L Guzman

Facing AI: conceptualizing ‘fAIce communication’ as the modus operandi of facial recognition systems
Taina Bucher

The ethics and politics of data sets in the age of machine learning: deleting traces and encountering remains
Nanna Bonde Thylstrup

Agency and servitude in platform labour: a feminist analysis of blended cultures
Sai Amulya Komarraju, Payal Arora & Usha Raman

Algorithmic photography: a case study of the Huawei Moon Mode controversy
Yuxing Zhang

Algorithmic logics and the construction of cultural taste of the Netflix Recommender System
Fatima Gaw


Ethics for the majority world: AI and the question of violence at scale
Paola Ricaurte


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