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Thu Mar 17 18:44:32 PDT 2022

to Symbolic Functions of Signs in Human Evolution
Christine Nystrom - New York University

The Extended Mind and the Origin of Language
Robert K. Logan - University of Toronto

Some Unexplored Relationships Between Biology and Media Ecology:  
Why We Crave the Visual in Technological Extensions of Communication
Donna Flayhan - Goucher College

Re-Writing Literacy:  How Contemporary Media Influence 
Young Adult Interest in Reading and Writing
Lori Ramos - William Paterson University

Session 6 - Panel
In the Human Grain
Moderator - Salvatore J. Fallica - New York University

Renaissance Authors:  A Media Ecology Perspective
David Linton - Marymount Manhattan College

A Printer's Devil in the Age of Telegraphy:  
Samuel Clemens and the Nineteenth-Century Revolutions 
in Media Technology
Richard Bucci - Mark Twain Project, University of California at

Using Anthropology to Rethink the Library
or The Library as a Consumer Marketplace
Neil Kleinman - University of Baltimore

Using Media Ecology to Rethink History
Stephanie B. Gibson - University of Baltimore


Session 7 - Panel
The Machine in the Garden
Moderator - Marie Lovrod - A World of Difference Institute

Peoples of the Word, the Book, and the Laptop:  
Communication Technologies and Religious Identity
Raymond R. Smith - Iona College

The Post-Materialist and the Real World
Hugh Curnutt - Georgetown University

Praxis and the Social/Technological Divide
Ken Yee Yip - State University of New York at Stony Brook

De/Constructing Linguistic Metaphysics:  Nietzsche as Media Ecologist
Zhenbin Sun - Fairleigh Dickinson University

Session 8 - Panel
Understanding Media
Moderator - Jerry Komia Domatob - Southampton College

When the Medium Becomes the Message:  
"Reality" TV and What's Really Real
Tibor Baukal - Drew University
Drew Giorgi - Independent Scholar

The Inflation of Cheerfulness:  Some Cultural Effects of Advertising
Christina Kotchemidova - New York University

Paradoxes of Electric Media
Raymond Gozzi, Jr. - Ithaca College

The Interactions of Contextual and Abstract Media:  
A Foundation of Media and Mind Co-Evolution
Norman Steinhart - University of Toronto

Session 9 - Panel
Communication and Cyberspace
Moderator - Carol Wilder - New School University

Coming Back on the Whirlwind:  The Student Use of Student Beings
Ralph J. Beliveau - University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Psychotherapy on the Web:  Old Wine in New Bottles?
Stephen Biggs - York University

Gathering the Scattered in Cyber-Sacredspace:  
The Internet, Spiritual Identity, and Religious Community
Cheryl Anne Casey - New York University

Cybercommunism and Cybersociety
Richard Barbrook - University of Westminster

Featured Presentation
Moderator - Jennifer Warren - New York University
Open Source Reality:  Transcending Life in the Matrix
Douglas Rushkoff - New York University

Moderator - Jon McKenzie - New York University
Media Ecology Unplugged
John McDaid - New York University
William Bly - Fordham University

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