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Thu Mar 17 18:44:32 PDT 2022

Dear everyone,

I'm Nuri Soeharto, a graduate student in Anthropology Department,
University of Indonesia. I'm running a panel about Internet and
Anthropology, for  International Symposium of Anthropology, organized by
Indonesian Anthropological Journal and Udayana University. This =
will be held in Bali, on July 16-19, 2002. The panel is titled: =
of Identity on the Internet: Research 'Software' Towards a New =
David Hakken, a cyberspace ethnographer from State University of New =
York -
Institute of Technology (, is helping me
with substance of the panel.

If you please, I'd be very glad if you can fill up our panel with your
paper and discuss all things related with all of us there in Bali. =
for the abstract is extended to March 15.

We (David Hakken and I) plan to make our panel as a plenary and invite
professional IT employees to attend so that our thought will work not =
for scholars but for practitioners as well. For that purpose, we try to
deal with BaliCamp (  Therefore, the topic also =
papers with 'workable' ideas for people on the "work-field", not only =

So far, we have a PhD student from Germany who's doing research in =
(Indonesia) to attend. Also an Indonesian IT graduate student studying =
UK, a cyber-culture professor from Australia, and of course David Hakken
from SUNY-IT. We're trying to get David Hill, the expert in Indonesian
cyberspace. Hope he can manage his time to get to Bali.

However, I apologize if you need to have self-funding to and in Bali
because the committee can not afford it. You know we have big problems =
economic (and politic for sure) things.

I'm attaching herewith details of the symposium and panel abstract=20
[removed - please contact Ms. Soeharto directly].

Thanks alot. Hope you'll all be keen in coming and we'll meet in Bali.


Charlie Breindahl
Ph.D. Student, Copenhagen + Malm=F6

Phone:  +45 35 32 81 19 or +46 40 665 71 51
Mobile: +45 51 92 15 98
E-mail: hitch at

"For the modern Don Quixote, the windmills have been preprogrammed to =
turn into knights"
           - Janet H. Murray

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