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Thu Mar 17 18:44:32 PDT 2022

3-4 minutes walking from the central train station. Several hotels are
nearby (Le Roi, L'Empereur, Beaumont, la Bergere). Other hotels downtown are
just 5-10 minutes walking from the Irish pub. 

Address:  Wijcker Brugstraat 50, 
(close to bridge on the river Maas, Wijck area)
Telephone: 043 - 350 01 41 (+31-43-3500141).

There is a lot to do and see during the week-end.  Castles, museum, caves,
thermae, bike rides are among the best things! Shops are opened on Saturday
until 5pm , and are closed on Sunday. 
Maastricht Tourist Office +31 (0)43-325-2121)
I recommend you the Maastricht walking tour:  a very nice and fun way to
discover Maastricht! 
(3 Euro, need reservation)

Is available downtown in a little road
close to Vrijtof, the major square of Maastricht:
Leliestraat 19  

For a map of Maastricht

WEATHER for your suitcase... 
To give you an idea, wood sweaters and rain coat are appropriate at this
time of the year. 
More information at: ttp://

Kind Regards.

Monica Murero, PhD
Conference Chair

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\par Monica Murero is a Project Leader and Senior Researcher at the =
International Institute of Infonomics. Her research interests revolve =
around th
e intersections among new technologies, new media, and social change. =
In particular, she is interested in the interdisciplinary field of =
Internet research, its effects upon individual behavior and social =
networks, and its steady encroachment into crucial=20
aspect of every day life (i.e., e-health). She is interested in new =
methodologies of research. She had taught courses in new media and =
multimedia, communications and culture, sociology of consumption, and =
Internet Research, in the USA and in Europe.}{ =20

\par }{\f28\fs20 Monica\rquote=20
 s interdisciplinary work has appeared in international Journals =
(Journal of Medical Internet Research, Cardiac Surgery Forum, etc.) and =
televisions.  In October 2002 she will chair the third worldwide =
conference of Internet Researchers (AoIR) in Maastr
icht. Since 1998, Monica has been building the E-Life =
}{\f28\fs20\lang2057\langfe1033\langnp2057 International Network of =
Excellence in Research}{\f28\fs20=20
, a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to research, study, =
teach, support, and create diverse and dynamic elements of the mutual =
impact of Internet on every day life and social change.
\par Before joining Infonomics in the Netherlands, at the University of =
Maastricht, Monica received her PhD in Communication Science =
(specialization in Internet and Social Psychology) from the State =
University of New Yor
k and, before that, her doctoral Laurea and BA in Communication and =
Public Relations from IULM University of Milano. She had received =
several international awards and grants as outstanding student and =
teacher from European and American Universities.}{ =20

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David's work has appeared in
\par }\pard\plain \ql =
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