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Thu Mar 17 18:44:32 PDT 2022

installation, CD-ROM and Internet the selection committees have selected th=
outstanding works. In the special programmes we feature a video
retrospective of Erwin Wurm. Under the catchwork "Erdung" (Grounding) we
have compiled works and organized lectures which deals with the "new feelin=
of attachment to one's home town". Which roles inhere geographical and
emotional places in today's media society? Is there a corrective to the
trends of mobilization, flexploitation, and globalization? And does this
mean we are returning to traditional value systems, implying expressions
such as "home" and "roots"? The programme "Gegenspieler" (counterplots)
deals with "Machinimas" and subversive narration in computer games.

You find all relevant information on programme and guests, admission and
venues on our web site

Cheers, Wanda

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