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specificity, our concepts of race and gender, and hopefully more.

Yes, I agree with Art (may I call you Art?) that *blackpeopleloveus* is an
excellent site in which racism is satirized and villified.

I just worry that some white progressives might raise that site up as the
end of the discourse - as a *see, we are willing to ridicule ourselves.*

*blackpeopleloveus* was covered a while back by the New York Times, so
the message has entered the extended mass media arena. However, I found it
interesting that the article was published in the *Styles* section of the
newspaper. In other words, the site was deemed *cool.*

Why wasn't it published in *Circuits*, or *Art*?

The website is great, but how is the world rerframing it to suit the
grander discourse on racism?


On Thu, 27 Feb 2003, nicola green wrote:

> maybe its just me, but i don't think this page is about about humour, or
> about people that are concerned or engaged  about life, or about having a
> good laugh about themselves (which i think is essential in any  political
> concern -  at least as a starting point)
> >
> i would more than welcome *jokes* about white people's habits - i think
> people in general are pretty funny (really, we are - please do insert jokes
> about me at this point, and point out that 'we'  is terribly subjective) -
> sometimes (maybe especially?) when we take ourselves so terribly seriously,
> we are at most risk of misinterpreting cultural trends. and i think
> politically, we ignore the role of humour at our peril.
> we can be serious in our messages whiile laughing at ourselves - but i
> think this is exactly what this site (quoted above) doesn't do - you could
> say that its 'anti-racist' becuase it just makes jokes about white people -
> but at the same time its incredibly sexist - many of the 'white people'
> jokes are directed at 'white' women, and have to do with gender and
> sexuality far more than the politics of ethnicity - (and actually, those
> jokes aint even funny....) do we really, 20 years on, want to revert to
> that kind of crap?
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