[Air-L] Advice on NVivo with Chinese materials

Ho Pong To tohopong at uow.edu.au
Tue Mar 15 21:24:12 PDT 2022

Dear all

Sorry for cross-posting. I am a PhD student and conducting qualitative analysis of a large amount of online materials (mainly discussion forum and FB posts) using NVivo, but have encountered various logistics issues with uploading and transforming the data to fit the NVivo platform. Even getting the coding of the Chinese characters right has been a headache.

I wonder if anyone is aware of any sources whereby I may solve these hands-on issues? I am based in Hong Kong but unfortunately the software does not seem to be very popular among the qualitative researchers here.

Thanks a lot and sorry for disturbing!

Ho-pong To
Lecturer and PhD candidate
UOW College Hong Kong

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