[Air-L] 4S 2022 Open Panel Call for Papers: Learning Infrastructures

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*4S 2022 Open Panel Call for Papers: Learning Infrastructures*December
7-10, Cholula Mexico
Conference details: https://www.4sonline.org/
Submissions: https://www.4sonline.org/meeting/accepted-open-panels/
Deadline: April 14

*Learning Infrastructures (Panel 73)*Jeremy Hunsinger, Wilfrid Laurier
Zachary McDowell, University of Illinois at Chicago

Learning infrastructures entail multiple meanings. On the one hand, it is
the infrastructures that support learning, and on the other, it is also how
we learn about infrastructures (writ large). First, exploring the
infrastructures of learning helps to develop answers to the question, "what
infrastructures do learning require in our contemporary world?" The second
inquires how we learn about infrastructures and all that they entail.

The tension between these meanings highlights one of central problems of
infrastructure studies - Infrastructure studies as a field has the thesis
of Invisibility. Infrastructure fades from our vision and memories, and
accordingly fades as a research topic as it becomes naturalized and
culturalized to become part of the background operations of our everyday
life; simply put, infrastructure becomes invisible in everyday life. We all
face the duty of making infrastructures visible and concrete to our
respective audiences in order to legitimize the infrastructures and our
practices surrounding them.

For over 20 years, learning infrastructures have transformed dramatically
toward a more plural set of practices, methods, systems, and tools. Some
more liberatory, and some not - some democratic, others lean authoritarian.
The accidental experience of learning infrastructures is that like
everything else they are part of the technica/social/hidden/etc.
curriculum, and students learn them as much or more than the stated
curriculum itself.’

We seek papers that engage questions of learning infrastructures, not only
in the meanings that we provide, but across all valences of the topic.

Please provide a short abstract around 250 words in proposal for this
panel. Submitted through the 4s submission system linked from here:

Zachary J. McDowell, PhD
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