[Air-L] Online Book Talks, Living with Algorithms + Digital Unsettling

Rafael Grohmann rafael-ng at uol.com.br
Thu Apr 6 11:01:17 PDT 2023

   Dear Colleagues,

   [1]DigiLabour, [2]Critical Digital Methods Institute and [3]Tierra
   Comun announce two online book talks at the end of April hosted
   by [4]DigiLabour Youtube Channel . Please spread the word!

   April 25, 7PM EST
   Book talk with Ignacio Siles (Universidad de Costa Rica) on Living with
   Algorithms: Agency and User Culture in Costa Rica (MIT Press).

   The book analyzes user dynamics in the global south across three
   algorithmic platforms: Netflix, Spotify, and TikTok. Drawing on a
   wealth of empirical evidence that privileges the user over the
   corporate, Siles examines the personal relationships that have formed
   between users and algorithms as Latin Americans have integrated these
   systems into the structures of everyday life, enacted them ritually,
   participated in public with and through them, and thwarted them.
   Sometimes users follow algorithms, Siles finds, and sometimes users
   resist them. At times, users do both. Agency lies in the navigation of
   the spaces in-between. By analyzing what we do with algorithms rather
   than what algorithms do to us, Living with Algorithms clarifies the
   debate over the future of datafication and whether we have a say in its

   Link: [5]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwyS2TPFB9o
   details: [6]https://criticaldigitalmethods.ca/gatherings/living-with-al

   April 28, 12PM EST
   Book talk with Sahana Udupa (University of Munich) and Ethiraj Gabriel
   Dattatreyan (New York University) on Digital Unsettling: Decoloniality
   and Dispossession in the Age of Social Media (NYU Press)

   The book is a critical exploration of digitalization that puts
   contemporary “decolonizing” movements into conversation with
   theorizations of digital communication. The authors interrogate the
   forms, forces, and processes that have reinforced neocolonial relations
   within contemporary digital environments, at a time
   when digital networks—and the agendas and actions they proffer—have
   unsettled entrenched hierarchies in unforeseen ways. Digital Unsettling
   examines events—the toppling of statues in the UK, the proliferation of
   #BLM activism globally, the rise of Hindu nationalists in North
   America, the trolling of academics, among others—and how they
   circulated online and across national boundaries. In doing so, Udupa
   and Dattatreyan demonstrate how the internet has become the key site
   for an invigorated anticolonial internationalism, but has
   simultaneously augmented conditions of racial hierarchy within nations,
   in the international order, and in the liminal spaces that shape human
   migration and the lives of those that are on the
   move. Digital Unsettling establishes a critical framework for
   placing digitalization within the longue durée of coloniality, while
   also revealing the complex ways in which the internet is entwined with
   persistent global calls for decolonization.

   Link: [7]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1R17oeWkSeQ
   details: [8]https://criticaldigitalmethods.ca/gatherings/digital-unsett

   Dr. Rafael Grohmann
   Assistant Professor of Media Studies / Critical Data and Platform
   Department of Arts, Culture and Media
   Faculty of Information
   University of Toronto


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