[Air-L] Webinar Platform Cooperatives in Brazil: Lessons from Rio de Janeiro

Rafael Grohmann rafael-ng at uol.com.br
Mon Apr 17 16:57:49 PDT 2023

   Platform Cooperatives in Brazil: Lessons from Rio de Janeiro (in
   English & Portuguese)

   The [1]Platform Cooperativism conference in Rio de Janeiro early in
   November 2022 was a major event focused on platform cooperatives and
   their potential to address economic and social challenges. It brought
   together experts and stakeholders from various industries to discuss
   the potential of platform coops in Brazil. The conference challenged
   conventional thinking about what types of cooperatives can succeed in
   Brazil and sparked a lively debate about the role of platform coops in
   addressing the country’s economic and social challenges. One of the
   standout features of the conference was the symposium on platform
   co-ops in Brazil, which brought together key contributors and
   stakeholders to discuss the role of the Lula government in supporting
   platform co-ops in Brazil. This symposium allowed participants to delve
   deeper into the topic and explore t he potential of platform co-ops to
   address some of Brazil’s most pressing challenges. Overall, the PCC
   conference was a major event that generated a lot of interest and
   excitement about the potential of platform co-ops to drive economic and
   social progress in Brazil and Latin America.

   This is a Theory Jam Session, as part of Platform Co-op School 2023.

   [2]Rafael Grohmann (University of Toronto)
   [3]Jacira Silva (Señoritas Courier)
   [4]Dayvid Santos (Bahia Government, Secretary of Solidarity Economy)
   [5]Silvia Botelho (Federal University of Rio Grande/ E-CCO project)
   [6]Denise Kasparian (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Buenos
   Aires, Argentina)
   Vivian Botelho (Araraquara City)
   Alexandre Costa Barbosa (Technology Sector, Homeless Worker

   May 3rd, 2023; 12:10 PM – 2:00 PM EST

   [7]Register now to secure your spot!


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